Web Development

Web Development

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Ruby On Rails 

Ruby on Rails, sometimes referred to as "RoR" or just "Rails," is an open source framework for Web development in Ruby, an object-oriented programming (OOP) language. Supported by a large community of talented developers, contributions known as “gems-- i.e. pieces of software that can be incorporated into your project, provide a valuable extension to any project. Combined with an excellent community, a quality code base and the maintainability of RoR applications made it the preferred choice for such successful projects such as Airbnb, GitHub, BaseCamp, Groupon, Bloomberg and many more.


Built on Google Chrome's Javascript engine, Node.js was designed for speed and real-time communication. The server-side platform allows for rapid development and scalability, making Node.js the clear choice when developing applications such as live chats, dashboards, realtime data processing and more. Noteable projects built on Node JS:  LinkedIN, eBay, Uber, PayPal, Netflix, Trello.


GraphQL is an open source technology created by Facebook as a new API standard that provides a more efficient, powerful and flexible alternative to REST. Commonly found in tandem with ReactJS, GraphQL enables you to call several related functions without multiple round-trips, making it a more efficient method of data delivery. Notable projects using GraphQL: Yelp, Twitter, Coursera, The New York Times, Shopify.


Created by Facebook, ReactJS is a frontend JavaScript library that combines the speed of JavaScript and provides the tools to create great looking user interfaces (UI), making them highly dynamic, SEO friendly and responsive to user input.  Becoming a popular choice amongst developers, ReactJS continues to grow and can be found on some of the largest websites on the internet; Facebook, Instagram, Tesla, Netflix, Salesforce, Uber, CNN.


Maintained by the folks at Google, AngularJS is an open source structural framework for developing dynamic web apps, commonly known as "Single Page Applications" (SPA).  Angular JS has become a preferred choice of framework among front-end developers, and continues to deliver feature-rich, and attractive websites.